The sintering technology

Sintering is a process to manufacture metal components from sintered powder, based on high-temperature diffusion, below the melting point.
After the basic operations of pressing and sintering, the components will go through additional operations such as sizing, deburring, washing, thermal or surface treatment.

Sintertech sintered component

Raw material metal powder
Shaped metallic components
Metallic components in a sintering oven then getting its mechanical resistance

Why choose sintered components?

  • Sintering makes it possible to manufacture components with complex geometrical shapes without using additional operations (machining, deburring, etc.). That is the “near net shape” principle.
  • Little or no waste of material during manufacturing.
  • Sintering can be repeated and enables to manufacture great volumes of identical components with low costs.
  • Sintered components have mechanical properties which are close to forged components and while being lighter.
  • Sintering gives a good aspect to components when coming out of the oven.
  • Sintering offers specific properties such as self lubrication, filtering, good tensile force, etc.

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Sintertech sintered components
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