METAFRAM®: Self-lubricating bearings

METAFRAM® is the well-known brand of sintered self-lubricating bearings from Sintertech.

A self lubricating bearing is a functional part of a journal bearing. Its properties are due to the presence of two components:

  • A metallic frame whose function is to support and transmit the mechanical load
  • A lubricant which acts as an interface between two surfaces and reduces friction

METAFRAM® Self-lubricating bearings

METAFRAM® products offer a wide range of self-lubricating bearings in bronze and steel alloys.
Providing performance, cost savings and safety, self-lubricating bearings can offer various technical advantages according to different requirement criteria (corrosion resistance, range of operating loads, speeds and temperature, etc.).

METAFRAM® products in bronze (BP 25)

METAFRAM® Bronze BP 25

METAFRAM® products in steel (FP 20)

METAFRAM® Iron alloy FP 20

METAFRAM® products in steel alloys (SO 16)

METAFRAM® Iron alloy SO 16

METAFRAM® bearings divides into two product lines:

Standard self-lubricating bearings

(available on our brochure)
METAFRAM® standard self-lubricating bearings

Our team remains at your entire disposal to develop customized self-lubricating bearings which meet your requirements.

Specific self-lubricating bearings

(available on request)
METAFRAM® specific self-lubricating bearings

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