PORAL®: Sintered metal porous filters

PORAL® is the well-known brand name for porous sintered metal filters, in stainless steel, bronze or nickel alloys, for liquid or gas filtration.

PORAL® products in bronze

PORAL® products in bronze

PORAL® products in stainless steel

PORAL® products in stainless steel

PORAL® filters are obtained by sintering of defined granulometry powders. Their unique structure provides, in barrier or in-depth, an optimized and sustainable filtration solution.
Sintered filtration media are appreciated thanks to their sinuous but regular porosity.

PORAL® products are showing many advantages:

  • high corrosion resistance
  • high mechanical strength
  • wide range temperature resistance
  • easy cleaning
  • easy to weld or machine

Barrier filtration

PORAL® barrier filtration

In-depth Filtration

PORAL® in-depth filtration

PORAL® products are generally used as filter media, but also as diffusers, pressure regulators, silencers or fluidized beds. PORAL® products are offered as tubes, candles, cartridges, cones, discs, plates or mufflers.
Our team remains at your entire disposal to develop customized filter solutions which meet your requirements.
To ensure the best quality to our customers, PORAL® products are controlled according to standardized tests:

  • Bubble test

First bubble pressure measurement
as ISO 4003:1977 / NF EN 24003:19993

  • Permeability

Pressure drop measurement
as ISO 4022:1987

  • Mechanical resistance

Flexion, traction and fatigue measurement

PORAL® is a member of the IFTS, Institute of Filtration and Techniques of Separation.

PORAL® filters and bubble test

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